Final Project – A get to know you activity

My goal for this project was to create a get to know you tool that would allow students to share information about themselves while also being creative and customizing their presentation. Specifically, I wanted students to be able to create a timeline of their life and be able to include their own pictures, pictures from the internet, videos, gifs, or any website. This presentation was created with my 7th grade class in mind, however, this project could be used with any group of people older than 4th grade and into adulthood.

I used Padlet to create this timeline because of how much a user can customize their timeline. Students can add a custom background image, upload their own personal images or choose images from google, and link to any website or video on youtube. I loved how easy this program was to use, which will allow students to easily create their timelines. I also loved how users were able to link to a website, which allowed me to link to my classroom website. I also loved how I was able to add gifs to the timeline, which was a fun addition that I have never seen on a timeline before.

Made with Padlet

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  1. Liz,

    I really liked your idea as a get to know you lesson! I think the way you made it more personal by allowing for their own pictures and things will be really beneficial in making it more engaging. Setting it up as a time line was really unique and something I probably would haven never thought of but I really liken it! Your example makes it easy to see what is expected as well! Good job!

  2. Liz, I really like the use of technology for this getting to know you lesson. I think technology adds another element that paper would not convey as students can get to know one another through personal photos, gifs, youtube videos, and more.

    I also enjoyed the timeline you created for the example. Not only will students have a well constructed example for guidance, students will also learn about you and further build that relationship. I like that you included graduating high school and then attending and graduating from UP. I think students are eager to hear about college and the journey of upper education.

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