Changing Seasons

This lesson is geared towards second grade students. A book on Book Creator would be the ending formal assessment in an lesson about writing informational pieces. This book is supposed to serve as an example for how students can organize their books. Students will have already been planning and writing their pieces previous to making their book on Book Creator. After they have finished writing their final draft on paper; then students will get the opportunity to create their own book.

I believe that students will really enjoy creating their final informational piece on Book Creator because it allows them to be creative when creating the final outcome of their piece. Also, the use of Book Creator can enable students to connect their writing to their own pictures, that they took themselves or from home, and can make the learning process more meaningful to them.

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  1. I like your approach of having students pre-plan before getting into all the “bells and whistles” of Book Creator. Very important that students have a low-distraction way to gather their thoughts, write them down and do an outline ahead of time. Apps can be powerful creative tools, but students can easily get lost in an app’s functions and waste time trying out every font.
    Your book example is thoughtful and will inspire students. Good point you make about the app providing a way for students to connect their photos with their writing.

  2. Thanks for sharing Chloe! I think your book is really well made and is a good resource for students who need help with organizing their books.

  3. This is great Chloe. Thanks for sharing. I love the images and your lesson idea. I also like the layering you implemented in your lesson.

  4. Chloe, thank you for sharing your lesson, very thoughtful. I like how you identified that the student product using Book Creator is going to be the final assessment.
    Just as you and Professor Pappas noted about students perhaps getting overwhelmed with these sites, I begin to think about even myself as an adult having trouble navigating some of these resources too!

  5. Chloe,

    I love the concept of your book. What a great lesson to teach students about all of the seasons.

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