Please Please the Bees

This lesson is geared towards a first through third grade audience. This book is meant to be a priming of knowledge in a larger lesson about bees. Already in this lesson, students will know what bees do and how bees produce honey. From this video, I want students to begin thinking about what we, as humans, don’t do already or can do to help bees. I want students to see, that if we do not help or respect the bees, they probably will not go on strike, but they will stop producing honey and doing the jobs we need them to do. Therefore, after the students watch the video, they should begin to brainstorm what we can do to help the bees.

I enjoyed using EdPuzzle while creating this post, I thought that it was simple and easy to create comments onto a video. EdPuzzle would be something fun for students to watch a video and check their understanding of that video. It is also something that can be used with students in rotation and if they want to put their own comments onto videos – in order to teach their classmates. In the future, I would like to continue to use EdPuzzle and maybe next time, I can add a voice over.

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  1. Great questions to keep students focused on how humans can impact bees. Great idea to have students commenting on videos.

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