Whale Hello There!

This google form would be used in the classroom as a pre-assessment for a fourth grade unit on whales. This form will be given to the students at the beginning of the unit, so that I can gauge what the students know about whales and their interest level on specific whales. Since the students will have to collaborate on a cumulative project at the end of the lesson. I can see starting the students off, at the beginning of the unit, in a rotation; where they would learn more about the Ocean. To start learning about where whales live!

While one of the reasons of this google form is for me to gauge what students know. I also want the students to see what they know collectively as a class. If they were nervous because they did not know some things in the form; then they can see that others are also in the same boat as them. Another thing I want them to see is what whales they are most interested in. Therefore, we can start planning group activities within their whale groups. I hope that by grouping students by their specific whale interests, the groups will be more diverse in terms of academic levels and social groups. I want all students in the classroom how to collaborate with each other.

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  1. Good idea for using a Google form for a pre-assessment. I like the use of images and variety of question types. Two minor suggestions. Always a good idea to number questions when you have that many. Will help organize the thinking and analysis. Also the question about whale behavior could have a short instruction “Choose all that apply.” Otherwise student might think there is only one right answer.

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