Let’s Talk About Health!

This post-assessment is intended for kindergarten students who have been learning about making healthy choices. The choice of lesson is based off of Oregon Standard: HE.7.K.1- Identify healthy practices and behaviors that maintain or improve personal health. In line with the standard, students are asked to read the questions and choose the healthier option. This post-assessment would be given in a 1:1 environment at the end of the lesson to see what information the students understand from the previous and current lessons. The use of the 1:1 environment would allow for the teacher to assist each student and answer questions when needed. Depending on the results of this post-assessment, the teacher can decide to move deeper into the lessons or refresh on the tested information.

Featured image by Silviarita on Pixabay

2 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Health!”

  1. A good use of Google form to create a post-assessment for K students. Pairing images with text provides a multi-modal experience and great that you included feedback.

  2. Nicole, I like this Google form you have created. This is a great way to measure understanding for younger students due to the many pictures that have been provided. Also an easy way for students to use and be introduced to technology in the classroom.

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