I’m From Salt Lake City


I am from Salt Lake City, Utah where we have all four seasons. We go from yelling like crazy at college football games in the fall, to skiing in the winter in the mountains while spotting celebrities at Sundance, then posing in front of the cherry blossoms in the spring, and hiking the red rocks in the summer.

I am from no snow days because snow is part of our winter weather. I am from where the 2002 Winter Olympics took place. I am from tons of sweets and not a lot of coffee. I am from a place named after a large lake of salt. I am from a quiet yet loud enough place to know about it.

I am from a place where the history is deeper than the our slang terms and pronunciations. I am from a place known as “Small Lake City” Where everybody knows everyone and I am related to most of the people there. I am from a place that will forever be home no matter where I live.

Adobe Sparks Reflection:

I enjoyed making this poem and then adding pictures to it on Spark Notes. I can see how this could be a great resource and be used in the classroom like to help with a book that is read or for help with the writing process or the scientific method components. I think that I struggled with Adobe Sparks because I am not as familiar but think that the more I interacted with it, the easier it became.

I'm from Salt Lake City

2 Replies to “I’m From Salt Lake City”

  1. Interesting that all your images were of nature (as opposed to built environment) Says a lot about your perspective

  2. I like the way you structured your poem and then your site really mirrored that. You really told a story with all of it and I think it looks great!

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