I’m From Here and There

I'm from Federal Way, Washington.
From Sunday night church and family dinners at Chipotle
From fall bike rides in the valley and summer bike
rides at sunset
From reality tv every night before bed
From a 45-minute commute to high school filled
with Frank Sinatra sing-alongs.

I'm from Portland, Oregon.
From Sunday morning Mass with a freshman year friend
From stolen bikes and sunny afternoons in the quad
From late night conversations and Christmas card photos
with friends who feel like family
From Mt. Rainier to Mt. Hood...still a nice view,
but definitely not the same.

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I really enjoyed using Adobe Spark as a way to illustrate my I’m From poem. I think it was user-friendly while still being equipped with tools that can make your product look like it took forever to create – with the intricate windows feature, and the “glideshow” capability. I also really appreciate that you can search within the application for free images, and that the creator will automatically give credit to the owner of the images if need be. I think this is a great and easy to use tool that could serve unique purposes in the classroom!

Featured Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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  1. Nicely done. I like that “verse” style paragraph. Did not know it was part of WordPress. It’s fun to find out more about all of you.

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