Treehouse Summers

I’m from summers in treehouses under the chlorinated sun

And weekends watching Little League games 

I’m from mom and dad and a twin brother

Our pictures on walls in wooden frames

I’m from pets of all kinds in all shapes and sizes

All leaving lasting impressions on my heart 

I’m from rolling grass hills decorated with flowers

And friends who never strayed far apart

Treehouse Summers

I absolutely loved making this Adobe Spark Page! It was easy but still customizable. There are endlessly possibilities to use this in a classroom. If students are old enough, you could have them create an original short story or poem and create media to go with it. Or students could attach photos for a personal narrative. They would need a few computer skills in order to understand how to create the page, but it is fairly simply so even the little ones could use it with some guidance.

Featured Image by semafore from Pixabay

4 Replies to “Treehouse Summers”

  1. I love how personal you made your poem, adding a lot of photos of your family and friends. I also loved seeing your pets!

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