I’m from Maui

I’m from an island, 

A place filled with hiking wonders 

From beach days and sunshine. 

I am from grass on my bare feet, 

and pick up trucks on the street—Toyota Tacomas

I’m from lots of food

I’m from lots of love from my parents and family 

I have family near and far 

I’m from Maui

I think using Adobe Spark page is a very creative way to tell stories! It does take some time to get used to the format and the way that the different pictures can be set up with text. In a younger grade classroom I think it could be a fun way to maybe create one that contains an image and fun fact about each of your students that they could share with the class and have it be all in once place. Just another way you could work to foster community in the beginning of the school year!

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  1. Your Adobe Spark page looks awesome! I really like how you use a lot of different formats and include multiple pictures. Good job!

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