I am from San Francisco

I am from a city known for tourists, 

Known best for our friend, Karl the fog, 

the busy streets, and the deep sunsets, 

The city engulfed by water and two bridges that hold the city together

I am from San Francisco, the Golden City

I am adored by two parents, creating a non traditional family dynamic, 

I am from small family gatherings with big traditions, 

and a big appetite for adventure

I am from San Francisco

My impressions:

I think that this is a really useful tool to help create a story. It is easy to use and has different features that makes it easy to customize and make personable. I am not sure about the accessibility for students in elementary school but would be useful to show a lesson on. I chose to do a mix of glide show and photo grids to display my image and my poem I wrote. It made it look put together but not boring.

3 Replies to “I am from San Francisco”

  1. What a great city to call home. Thanks for sharing your family (and don’t forget the dog!) Looks like a fun group.

  2. Kali,
    I like the pictures you chose to highlight your city! It reminds me of my visit there. Also, I love the addition of family photos!

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