I’m From…

I’m from Oregon 

I’m from summer days outside full of yard work and fun

I’m from winter days with a book by the fire 

I’m from nights full of games

I’m from family beach days

I’m from enjoying every sunset

I’m from loving the outdoors

I’m from faith and hope

I'm From...

Adobe Spark Page is fun and user friendly! I think it could be a fun way for older students to share where they come from. And I think the teacher could compile one for the whole class based on what students shared about where they come from. I think however you use it, I’d recommend thinking through what content you want to put on the page and in what order. I found this to make my first time using it quick and trouble free. I definitely would like to brainstorm ways to implement it into my lesson plans and student projects.

Featured Image by Elena Kuchko on Unsplash

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