Multiplication CheckIn

I chose to create a survey to check on how my students are feeling about the math we are doing. The questions are meant for probably 2nd or 3rd grade and is meant to be a check in for me or another teacher to see how my students are doing with the multiplication concepts we are learning. This activity should be done individually so that I can reach all of my students. This would most likely be a exit ticket rather than a formal assessment. Each time my students answer no to the question, a video will pop up that explains the multiplication rule to them. At the end of the survey I allow them to write if they are still confused about so that I can know what I may need to review with my class or math topics that they are confused with that aren’t on the survey. By using google forms I am able to informally see how my students are doing with the material we are working on.

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  1. Great idea for exit ticket with a chance for students to fill in any other questions they have. I especially like the feedback videos.

  2. Ellie, I like the lesson you have made using Google forms. I like the way you have introduced the quiz, by reminding students to watch videos for help and to be honest with their learning. This is a great way to target different areas of basic multiplication that students are struggling with.

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