Prep to be a Kinder Kid!

This Google Doc is designed for preschoolers and their families to work together to prepare the student to enter elementary school. It acts as an introduction to concepts that children will greatly benefit from knowing before entering kindergarten. These concepts will hopefully not be entirely new to students as they should be exploring them in preschool, but something this format may be different than what they’ve worked with before. Ideally this would work best if each student had a computer and access to an adult, such as a small group setting during school and be accessible outside of school for students to work with their families.

By the end of the document, students should be able to cut with child safety scissors on lines, properly grip a pencil and write letters with it, know all the letters, and be able to count to at least 10. They will be exposed to phonics, sorting, small words, and audio of read along stories. They will also get practice following directions while learning to play games and following along in books when listening to the read-along stories.

The Google doc will help students achieve these goals by providing them with a variety of educational games to play, songs to sing, worksheets/activities, and videos to watch. All the game sights linked are great resources for other educational content when further explored as well, such as games for different subjects or grade levels.

2 Replies to “Prep to be a Kinder Kid!”

  1. Jessica,
    This is such a great use of this tool. I can see how parents would love this, as they can track with their student to make sure they are meeting the goals you have designed for them, and they can know what’s going on in your classroom when they may not be able to physically be there. Such a neat idea!

  2. A great idea for preparing students and their parents for school. And it works outside the classroom from home.
    From my end, the doc appears in a small window. We need to fix that tomorrow. For now, could you also add a hyperlink directly to the doc.

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