Whatcha Reading?

This form was designed with my current fifth grade placement class in mind. They are in the middle of a literature circles unit and are reading a variety of books in small groups. Since reading groups provide an opportunity for diversification of instruction they are something that I hope to include in my own class one day, and something I could create using this Google form.

The goal of this form is to help me understand what kind of readers my students are in order to help better place them with readers that are at a similar level and have similar interests. The students would fill out this form as an introduction to the unit, and I could then use their responses to create appropriate reading groups for the students that best address the needs expressed in the survey. Having all of this information in a digital format makes it easy for the teacher to keep track of, and even refer back to at the end of the unit, seeing areas where the students may have shown improvement by the end of their reading circle. The students could fill out this form in a variety of ways: it could be assigned as homework, thus allowing the students to respond on their own devices at home, or it could be done in class in either a one-to-one environment, or on a classroom computer which the students could take turn using.

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4 Replies to “Whatcha Reading?”

  1. Great idea for creating groups. I tried it out. I see results don’t go to student, but to teacher which make sense.

  2. Claire, this is such a great idea! It is always challenging to put the right group of students together for literature circles as the levels of motivation and skills vary so greatly. This is a great way of making sure students end up in lit groups that they feel comfortable with!

  3. I love how flexible this would be. If the students run out of time to do it in class, then they can finish filling it out at home. It can also give you great statistical data about what kind of readers you have, and something that your class may find interesting to see!

  4. I love this idea and format Claire. I love the options you have where you could use this. This would be super helpful especially when starting a unit and the template could be used in other subject areas as well.

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