Feed Me!- Animals and Their Eating Habits

For my EdPuzzle lesson I decided to use the Crash Course Kids video Feed Me on YouTube. This lesson is geared towards younger students, so kinder through first grade and is about animal eating habits. Students are taught what an omnivore, herbivore, and carnivore is as well as how plants get and use their energy.

I really enjoyed using EdPuzzle because it was easy to work and allowed for a lot of flexibility in how you can ask questions or put in comments. I will definitely be using this program as an educator as I feel it is a fun way to get the information across in an easy way that still allows the teacher to have full control of the lesson.

Featured image by Christine Sponchia on Pixabay

2 Replies to “Feed Me!- Animals and Their Eating Habits”

  1. Nicole, great job using Edpuzzle! I like how you made lots of different types of notes and questions. You also picked a great video, gotta love those Crash Course videos!

    1. I agree with Jessica – a nice mix of comments and questions. I especially like the recap. Glad you found EdPuzzle to be a useful tool for your edtech toolkit.

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