Community Lesson- San Ramon, CA

Using Tour Creator I have created a virtual tour of some key places in San Ramon, CA. This could be used in a community lesson to show students different places in the city they live and provide new information about those places. If this is a decided activity to do in the classroom, the students could create their own tour of the places they think of as their community.

Featured image by Drei Kubik on Pixabay

4 Replies to “Community Lesson- San Ramon, CA”

  1. I love the way you used this! And I really like the idea of letting students use it to create what they think of as important places in their community. Even though they might all live in the same part of town, they’ll likely have different places near by that have personal meaning for them.

  2. Nicely done. And a great way for students to connect with their community. A far cry from PDX. Bet you miss the sun

  3. I love the idea of helping the students understand the community around them. Sometimes students don’t get to explore the greater community.

    I also love how there is a school called Walt Disney Elementary School.

  4. Nicole, I smiled so big when I saw all the familiar places at home! I think having students do this with their own community would definitely have the same positive effect.

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