Let’s Go to the Zoo!

*Note: Click the icon in the upper left corner to filter the different layers. Select the Expectations and unselect the Overview to view the information for the students. Doing the opposite will show the information for the chaperones.

This map is designed as a preview to a field trip for kindergartners. The map consists of two layers, one for the students and one for the parents. The layer labeled field trip expectations contains information for the teacher to share with the students. I would use this layer of the map as part of a lesson in field trip expectations prior to the trip. The information on this layer outlines what behavior is appropriate for the field trip and emphasizes that these expectations are to keep them safe. It will also give the students an idea of what our field trip to the zoo would look like in terms of transportation and a schedule. The other layer of the map is for the chaperones with details regarding their responsibilities as a chaperone and the details of our transportation.

In thinking through this map, I really like the feature of different layers so that you can filter different information. Since I want to give different information for the same location, this feature allows me to view the different information by selecting only one layer. I also think this tool is very helpful for this type of a map because I can share it with the chaperones so that they have access to it on their phones and can reference it as needed. It was somewhat time consuming to make, but with practice I think the process will go quicker. And I think, especially in terms of a kindergarten field trip, the time put in would be worth a smooth field trip.

Featured Image: Photo by H W on Unsplash

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  1. Outstanding work. You made excellent use of the available MyMap tools to communicate to different audiences in the same map. Even chose appropriate icons. I especially like your detailed description in the post. It demonstrates your intent and execution of the project. This will be great for your portfolio.

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