How do Seeds Sprout?

Using Adobe Spark and the Quicktime player I created a lesson on how seeds sprout for a kindergarten class. With schools moving to online classes and teachers having to accommodate for and switch around their teaching, I think using these programs are very helpful, I was able to record myself teaching the lesson and provide pictures that could help students better understand what I am talking about. Using these programs is an easy way to teach a lesson in a very accessible way.

Featured Image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

2 Replies to “How do Seeds Sprout?”

  1. Outstanding. Very well-planned and scripted. The narration was informative and paired with well-curated images. First rate all the way around. PS. You have a great speaking voice.

  2. Nicole, very professional and thoughtfully planned. Good information included in the script with nicely chosen corresponding pictures!

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