Online Student Resources Screencast

I choose to use screencast to create my video. I created a video including three websites for students, including Scholastic Learn at Home, PBS Learning Media, and National Geographic Kids. I created this video for students who may need an activity or enrichment during this time that we are all home due to COVID-19. This video could also be viewed by parents who need a quick introduction to these websites. Enjoy this preview and exploration video!

Video created by: Braelyn Higdon

Featured Image by: StartupStockPhotos

How to Address an Envelope

This is a video that I made for anyone who does not know how to address an envelope. The current international crisis we are in today is causing us to be quarantined, separated from our friends and family. Writing letters is one way we can stay connected with each other during these rough times. This is a fun way to keep in touch and a great way to implement writing into the day for those who are homeschooling or using supplemental learning resources!

Research on Penguins!

Using Loom, I created a screen recording to look at three different websites that talk about penguins. This lesson is for a first grade classroom where students will be using these three websites to learn and share information with their peers. With all the schools moving online, this tool would be very helpful and easily accessible.

However, I did not know how to get rid of the icons in the bottom left corner and I apologize for my computer noise…

How do Seeds Sprout?

Using Adobe Spark and the Quicktime player I created a lesson on how seeds sprout for a kindergarten class. With schools moving to online classes and teachers having to accommodate for and switch around their teaching, I think using these programs are very helpful, I was able to record myself teaching the lesson and provide pictures that could help students better understand what I am talking about. Using these programs is an easy way to teach a lesson in a very accessible way.

Featured Image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

Google Classroom Tutorial- Screencast

I have created a short 7 minute video for my students and their families about using Google Classroom! With school closures, I wanted to make a video on how to access the Google Classroom and what to expect. I showed them what the main page looked like, how they can access information, and where they will complete and submit assignments. Parents/guardians may also watch as it shows some information that will be helpful for them. I made this with my third grade class in mind and I am sure that they will be able to successfully follow the videos instructions and use Google Classroom successfully.

Sorry for the low quality, I am not sure how to change it!

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

An Introduction to Desmos

This lesson is for 8th grade students and acts as an introduction to the online resource of Desmos. The main point of this lesson is to introduce the table function of Desmos, as my students would have already used the linear graphing function of Desmos.

Weather Screen Recording

silhouette of a bird in a sunset sky

I used this screen recording to look at a few different websites that talk about various weathers. One of my lessons I was supposed to teach was about weather and the various facts that come with each. I liked using the screen recording and how easy it was to demonstrate what I was looking at.

Reading Workshop

Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet by Sanae Ishida

This book would be good for students of all ages. Overall, This book would not as part of one unit, but as part of a series of books throughout the year that showcases authors and characters of color. By including this book, I can expose my students to more diverse authors and characters. Also, thinking through the lens of a becoming a culturally responsive educator, I want my students to see themselves and to get an insight into the cultures of other students/people that they may know.

In the time we are living in now, where most schools are going to online classes, video read alouds can be helpful to parents who may not have access to books. Additionally, teachers/students can still have some kind of interaction or normalcy through their routine read alouds. It also, provides access to younger students, who may not have the fluency,

Finding the Author and Illustrator

open Alice in Wonderland book with text and Alice with a deer

For this screencast, I am teaching kindergarten students how to find where the author and illustrator of a picture book is displayed on the cover. This will help them complete CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.K.6 With prompting and support, name the author and illustrator of a story and define the role of each in telling the story. I used iMovie to edit together various screen-recorded clips. It was very easy to use and I could see myself using this in the future as a resource for students to reference when working independently or in small groups. It was even simple enough I think older students could do this on their own.

Featured Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Screencast for web navigation

I decided to do a screencast for my assignment. I made a video that could be a lesson for navigating the web for research. I planned on doing a lesson with my students from field experience on how to navigate the web and look things up for a subject. This would be a video for them to see how to find information for the topics they wanted to do a “research” paper on. Most of the students I have worked with get very distracted or don’t know how to navigate the web but are using computers more and more so this was also something I was trying to help with.

Reading with Ms. Ellie

I created a video on Spark Adobe and in the video I am reading A Chair For My Mother by Vera B. Williams. I added the words on the page to also help them read along but there was a limit on how many words that I could put on a slide. I have seen and read about principals and teachers who read to their students and so I wanted to practice this. I enjoyed this app although I wish I would have been able to put all the words to match the pages I was reading. I also was almost done and it deleted all of the videos that I had uploaded but that could have just been my silly computer. The uploading process was super easy though! I think that this could be a great resource for teachers in many ways including reading to students and also to spice up a powerpoint even!

Why Did They Change Math?

Adult with hand on their forehead looking down

It’s pretty common for a child to bring their math homework to their parents for help and receive an answer that is along the lines of “Why did they change math?!” With that in mind, I made a video for parents whose kids are learning the different methods of double-digit by double-digit multiplication. This video outlines the box and lattice methods so that parents can help their child with their math homework questions.

I think screencasts are a fun way to communicate content! I also think that they would be a really useful tool to use when needing to communicate content online because it provides some form of instruction that isn’t just reading.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay