Reading with Ms. Ellie

I created a video on Spark Adobe and in the video I am reading A Chair For My Mother by Vera B. Williams. I added the words on the page to also help them read along but there was a limit on how many words that I could put on a slide. I have seen and read about principals and teachers who read to their students and so I wanted to practice this. I enjoyed this app although I wish I would have been able to put all the words to match the pages I was reading. I also was almost done and it deleted all of the videos that I had uploaded but that could have just been my silly computer. The uploading process was super easy though! I think that this could be a great resource for teachers in many ways including reading to students and also to spice up a powerpoint even!

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  1. Wow – very cool combination of shooting video of you reading with text. Importing sections of your video into a Adobe allows the viewer to read along. Impressed that you combined an earlier lesson with this one in such an innovative way.

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