Why Did They Change Math?

It’s pretty common for a child to bring their math homework to their parents for help and receive an answer that is along the lines of “Why did they change math?!” With that in mind, I made a video for parents whose kids are learning the different methods of double-digit by double-digit multiplication. This video outlines the box and lattice methods so that parents can help their child with their math homework questions.

I think screencasts are a fun way to communicate content! I also think that they would be a really useful tool to use when needing to communicate content online because it provides some form of instruction that isn’t just reading.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay

3 Replies to “Why Did They Change Math?”

  1. First off – great idea for a video lesson – helping parents. I had never heard of either of those. So consider me a good test case. You very clearly explain the process while the visual support your narrative. Great audio and well rehearsed narration. First rate!

  2. Anna, this is awesome! It was easy to follow your thought process and made learning new ways to solve problems less overwhelming. Even helped me learn a new math method!

  3. I really enjoyed watching your video! Even as teachers we have a hard time understanding content – math is an especially hard spot for me. This would be a great resource for anyone who needs to help a student with their math.

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