How to Address an Envelope

This is a video that I made for anyone who does not know how to address an envelope. The current international crisis we are in today is causing us to be quarantined, separated from our friends and family. Writing letters is one way we can stay connected with each other during these rough times. This is a fun way to keep in touch and a great way to implement writing into the day for those who are homeschooling or using supplemental learning resources!

4 Replies to “How to Address an Envelope”

  1. This is such a helpful video for kids! I like how you showed an example and then did a “real” live action example for the students.

  2. Fun video – for “realzees.” We’ll planned- good video and audio quality. But you’re telling us Mickey doesn’t live at Disneyland?

  3. Emma what a great video for the current situation we are now in. Many students are not taught how to address and send mail and this is a great resource!

  4. I really liked how you made your own video! It was short and sweet and easy to follow. In the beginning, students can just look at your first example and use the form to address their own letters.

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