Storyline Online Lesson

I really enjoyed using Edpuzzle and will definitely use it for future lessons. Edpuzzle is easy to use and makes videos more engaging. For this lesson, I chose a video from Storyline Online where students will learn themes about family, adoption, and responsibility. After the read aloud, I would ask my students questions like “do all families look alike?”…”How are they sometimes different?”…”What makes a family a family?” I would also introduce the words orphan and adopt and discuss with my first graders. Great book and great tool!

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  1. Allie – this is a great idea and way to use a video for a lesson! I also think kids will enjoy listening to Kristen Bell read as she is the voice of Anna!

  2. Allie,

    What a great way to introduce this topic to students! I think it’s important to talk about different families and this is a great book!

  3. Allie, looks like you post got a question from a teacher at Wake County Schools in NC. Here’s your chance to pass along your experience using the app.

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