You’re a STAR!

I found a fun video from Crash Course Kids all about stars. It talks about how stars are much different from planets, dwarf planets and asteroids (however, they don’t mention airplanes). It gives the students some definitions but my main focus was for students to understand the differences when looking up at the night sky. The video tells the watcher about three differences that can help distinguish between the planets and an actual star. I would ideally use it for 3rd-5th graders and give it as a short homework assignment probably before we even talk about stars in class. I didn’t want to make the questions to complex or the student would spend more time finding the answer than watching the video.

I found EdPuzzle to be a different way to engage students. It was pretty easy to use at first, however, I was frustrated trying to figure out where to put the questions. Whenever I would write a question, the video would keep playing and my question moved with the progression of the video. I also liked the voiceover feature because it made the video seem more personalized from the teacher to the student. I see myself using this in my classroom as a substitute to a worksheet.

Photo by Denis Degioanni on Unsplash

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