A “Kriller” Lesson On Whales

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures on this planet, and something that I would have loved to learn about when I was a kid in school. I found a video made by National Geographic which has some “fast facts” on Blue Whales, that I thought could benefit from the tools that Edpuzzle provides to make it more engaging. I generated questions that would support students’ math and literacy growth to make what would be incorporated into a science lesson a more wholistic learning experience for the students. This video could be used as an introduction to a unit on Whales to familiarize students with material we would cover more in depth later on, but could also be used half-way through a unit to help cement information that the students had already learned.

I really loved using Edpuzzle, and think it is a great resource. Too often when videos are assigned as homework, kids can easily check-out while the video is playing and not actually engage with the information. Having little “checkpoints” throughout the video where kids can show their knowledge and mastery of the content helps them to be actively engaged with their learning, as opposed to passively receiving information.

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3 Replies to “A “Kriller” Lesson On Whales”

  1. Claire- I love your idea of incorporating math into your lesson on whales! I think it will help students to see how math is used in an authentic way! Also, I love your post’s title!

    1. I agree with Anna. Nice how you snuck some math and vocabulary in there. Interesting questions that keep kids engaged. And yes, a Kriller title.

  2. Good job Claire! I really like how you incorporated definitions into your comments. It is super important to make sure students know the meaning of those harder words, especially when you are discussing them.

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