I Am From…

I am from California

I am from blue skies and beautiful views

From beach days

That turn into bonfire nights

I am from barbecues in the summer

With laughter and water fights

I am from the rolling golden hills

And the tall redwood trees

I am from a place of sunshine

That will forever be my home

I am from California

I enjoyed using Adobe Spark to create my “I Am From” poem. I like how easy the website is to use, having a lot of different options for the way you can set up your page. I also really like how the site has an area where you can search for free images and gives credit to the owner of the images. I think this application would be a fun and easy tool to use in a classroom setting where you could have students making their own stories or “I Am From” poems.

Featured image by Christoph Partsch on Pixabay

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