Where I’m From; Home, Heart, and Soul

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Where I’m From

My Home

My Heart

My Soul

They each belong somewhere their own.

My Home is Dallas,

Home of the Dragons.

The place of Dutch Bros

And Friday Night Lights

My Heart is with my family,

The people who raised me.

Mom, always looking at me lovingly.

Dad, always cheering me on.

My People, My Heart.

My Soul belongs to London, 

Where my wanderlust began.

Big Ben rings throughout,

Rayner’s Lane Station gives me chills.

My Soul belongs to London, even still.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Adobe Spark Page to create this story! I think it is a more engaging way to tell a story than just using a Google Slide or a PowerPoint. This is something very customizable that can be smooth and flow quite nicely. Although I believe there are many advantages to telling stories in this way, I believe that it would be hard to do something interactive like you can do in Google Slides. I am a beginner when it comes to all of this, but I believe it would be difficult to make a “choose your own adventure” or a quiz in this kind of format, however it would be a great resource for some sort of presentation or an online resume maybe!

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  1. Very nicely done. A great narrative on “where you’re from” Lots of personal photos give an insight into you home town, friends and family. Nice to see London (my son lives there with his British wife). We love to visit it as well. Good observations on the pluses and minus of Adobe Spark Page.

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