Libro de la comunidad de la clase: Class Community Book using Book Creator

In my 7th grade Introduction to Spanish class this year, I did an activity called “Persona especial” or “special person” which is a unit centered on talking about ourselves and others. This activity gives students essential first and third person verb forms and allows myself to get to know my students and their lives a little bit better.

“Persona especial” consists of 10 different questions that students learn how to answer about themselves and another special person. Using Book Creator, I had the idea of creating a classroom community book that allows students to answer those 10 questions and compile them into a class book for us to learn more about each other. Students have creative freedom with the pages and answer the prompt in Spanish with a sentence and an image that we can all flip through an enjoy.

In this example, I filled out the pages with an example for myself and a template design for students to fill out as well using the prompts of: “I am…” “Do you have a pet? and “What do you like to do?” which are 3 out of the 10 questions we learn. Then, we can compile the pages together and students can share their pages with the class!

Book It!

This activity is for middle school or high school history students. The purpose of this activity is to assess students’ research skills as well as creativity and critical thinking.

The activity asks students to choose a historical figure to create their own book about on Book Creator. Students are given a list of possible historical figures but are encouraged to pick their own if they desire to present a book on someone not listed. Giving students room to choose their own historical figure allows students to explore what people in history interest them, but having a set list allows for some students who may not be comfortable looking for someone on their own, to have options to explore.

The assignment asks students to critically engage with different sources they come across in their research, and the final section of the project asks students to think about the historical figure and share their own perception of the figure.

The book I created in Book Creator is meant to be a guide for students on their projects. It includes information on citations, research, and the requirements for the student to follow with their own books. This is a source that students can continue to go back to as they work on their projects. Check it out below:

Photo Citations

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Meet the Teacher

Starting off a new year, with new parents and new students is always fun. Getting to know people takes time, and is one of the best parts of being a teacher for me!

Here is a little book about me so you can get to know about your teacher. I am looking forward to learning more about each and every one of you throughout the year. Having a library of these books about everyone in class sounds like a great library to me, as well as something to look forward to this year!

This fun book should hopefully give you some ideas on starting to tell your story!

Using Book Creator for Recipes

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For this post, I decided to make an example of a recipe book. This lesson could be for any grade between 3rd and 5th grade. Students are required to include an ingredients list, a grocery list, and the steps with pictures and captions. I’ve also included a section for tips and would encourage them to include this as well if they can think of anything.

Students are supposed to take command of this lesson, not just sending parents out for groceries, but helping and picking out themselves with help.

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Shak(espeare)in’ It Up!

5th Grade | ELA

– After the teacher has taught about one or more types of poetry in the Google Slides (below), students will be able to create their own examples on Book Creator.
– This will allow them to dive deeper into the world of poetry while also being able to practice their writing and creativity!
– It additionally gives students practice working with Book Creator and helps the teacher check-in with how students are doing in understanding and creating poetry.

1.) The teacher will use the Google Slides and any other additional resources to introduce students to some of the different types of poetry.
2.) The teacher will show students how to use Book Creator.
3.) The teacher will show students the example Book Creator, explaining that the directions for each page will be in purple, boxed text, and that the Slides from class are on the last page if they were absent or forgot about the type of poetry covered in class that day.

A Slideshow of the example Book Creator:

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Maestra Carbary’s Community Guidelines

This book is intended for an elementary classroom of any age. The goal is to read this on the first day of class, so as to make classroom guidelines as clear as possible. This can then be referred back to throughout the year as needed. When making this book, I tried to make a conscious effort to include diversity of all kinds. It is important for students to see themselves represented in any kind of book, but especially books that are literally meant to describe THEIR learning space. My hope is that students feel loved, supported, and appreciated after having read this book. It provides important reminders on respecting others, classroom safety, and self-love.

Ms. Duncan’s Book of Classroom Management

Audience: Students in my class or their parents. I would intend to give this to the students and families in my class at the very beginning of the school year as an introduction to myself as a teacher, my teaching style, and our classroom guidelines.

Purpose of this Book: This book is intended to inform my students and their families of my classroom policies. It provides them with a clear and comprehensible idea of what my expectations are for students in my classroom. I might expand this in the future to also include my classroom syllabus for easy reference.

Colors for Newcomers

Audience: This book is created for K-2nd graders that are English Learners or Newcomers.

Purpose: This book supports students learning English but creating an easier way to learn colors.

  • Visual pictures that correspond with each color allows students to make connections with culturally responsive objects around them
  • Reading tool embedded in storybook allows students that have a hard time reading the ability to hear the colors enunciated to them
  • YouTube video in the beginning gives students a fun way to quickly go through the colors before they read on
  • “What else is the color ____?” Open ended question allows students to be interactive with the book and encourages them to come up with examples themselves

Geometry Scaling Project Using Book Creator

For this Geometry Project, I used Book Creator as a template for students to display their work. For the project, the students pick an item make a scaled-up version out of materials of their choice. Students make a copy of the book template in the library and rename it with their name. Then they go through the template as they complete their project. Once they are done with their scaled item, get to make a comic using pictures they take of their original object and their scaled-up object. When they are all done, the class can view each other’s work in the library.

Instructions: Click here to access a Google Doc with full project description

Step 1: Choose an object in your house that you want to scale. Make sure you choose something that is 3D, so it is not flat like a piece of paper.

Step 2: Measure your object. It may help to draw a sketch of your item and label each part you measure

Step 3: Choose your Scale Factor and record your calculations here.

Step 4: Make a plan and choose your materials.

Step 5: Get to work! Don’t forget to take progress pictures!

Step 6: Make a comic using pictures of your original and scaled object.

Interactive Notebooks on Book Creator

Hi 7th graders! This week we are working on combining like terms. Make a copy of this book to complete your work for the week!

Your task:

  • Each day complete the warm-up problem on page 2. Make sure you show your work and correct it when we go over it in class.
  • On Monday we will be taking notes on combining like terms. Fill in the blanks for each sentence as Ms. Rowley models it. Complete the practice problems with Ms. Rowley.
  • Complete the Monday practice by Wednesday. Complete the Wednesday practice by Friday.
  • There is a 3 step review you can use while completing your homework. You can also watch the video if you need a reminder of how to combine like terms.
  • On Friday afternoon you will complete the exit ticket. When completing the exit ticket, please do it on your own and without notes. I want to see what you know!
Combine Like Terms INB

Purpose: The students will use this for each learning target. Their INB includes warm-ups, notes and their practice. Having all of the content in one place allows for the students to go back to it when we are studying for assessments or just to review the content. Another use for a book similar to this could be using the book to store all of the notes for each learning target for a unit.

Creating a Classroom Community Through Book Creator

Book Creator is a great online source for educators and students to create different forms of text, draw, and collaborate together. From comics to novels, the possibilities on Book Creator are endless. With all these possibilities it may seem hard to find a place to start. Follow this lesson plan that touches upon community building and literacy.

Grade Level:

This lesson can be fit and altered to fit any grade level. The example in this post is from a third grade class.

Student Instructions:

Hello Class! Today we will be using Book Creator to create a class book! In this book, you will find a page with each of our names. We each have the chance to add our own touch to this book! We will be adding our pictures to our page, writing a sentence that tells us what you bring to the classroom, and then add some things you appreciate about your peers! If you are struggling with what to write, the first page of the book features some sentence frames! So to begin,

1.) Find your your page

2.) Add your picture to your page

3.) Write a sentence saying what you bring to the classroom

4.) Choose two peers and tell us what you appreciate about them!

We will read the book together tomorrow!

Teacher Notes:

  • Depending on the grade level, production amount can differ. If there are students that may not produce text, Book Creator has an option of adding video and audio recordings.
  • Book Creator is not always easy to access for every student, you may need to scribe for students.

Text Example:


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Let Me Introduce Myself

For this assignment of using book creator I decided to make a sample of an introduction book the students will make themselves on the first day of class as an assignment. I was thinking since most schools have been online since the school started this would be a good way to introduce themselves to their peers virtually. I would use this for any grade to be honest just because most schools started online at the beginning of the year. My book below would be the example the students could use to come up with some ideas of what they could put in the book. During the first class I would read the book to the children or they could listen to it since the website does it for you as well. I also added at the end of the book my google site link so the students and parents could use it as a resource as well as a google form checking in with how they are feeling with the school year starting up again!

These are screenshots of the book pages as well!

Featured Image: Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash