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Hi 7th graders! This week we are working on combining like terms. Make a copy of this book to complete your work for the week!

Your task:

  • Each day complete the warm-up problem on page 2. Make sure you show your work and correct it when we go over it in class.
  • On Monday we will be taking notes on combining like terms. Fill in the blanks for each sentence as Ms. Rowley models it. Complete the practice problems with Ms. Rowley.
  • Complete the Monday practice by Wednesday. Complete the Wednesday practice by Friday.
  • There is a 3 step review you can use while completing your homework. You can also watch the video if you need a reminder of how to combine like terms.
  • On Friday afternoon you will complete the exit ticket. When completing the exit ticket, please do it on your own and without notes. I want to see what you know!
Combine Like Terms INB

Purpose: The students will use this for each learning target. Their INB includes warm-ups, notes and their practice. Having all of the content in one place allows for the students to go back to it when we are studying for assessments or just to review the content. Another use for a book similar to this could be using the book to store all of the notes for each learning target for a unit.

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  1. Interesting idea to use Book Creator to create a package of assignments. I wasn’t sure if your instructions were literally to “make a copy.” Likewise, I’m not sure students would be able to perform some tasks, like “re-organize the expression.”

    But with a pro account you can create books that students can edit. And with that set of permissions, you book makes for an interesting platform to share content, note taking, workspaces and exit tickets..

    1. Hi Professor Pappas,
      Thanks for the feedback, that is super helpful!

      When combining like terms I always have my students identify the like terms and then re-organize the expression, in this case that would be by retyping it in the book, with the like terms next to each other so they can combine them. This helps them not forget to combine any terms together.
      For example: (This type of solving process would be explained on page 3 when completing the practice problems with the students)
      5g + 3k + 2 g – 1k
      5g + 2g + 3k – 1k
      7g + 2k

      Sadly, I don’t have a paid account but I made this post as if I did because I would want the students to be able to access and make their own book and fill it out throughout the week! If I were to have a paid account, I would put the link to copy it there. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to do this without a paid account!

  2. I love the idea that you make this book something for students to write in rather than just to read! It seems like such an organized way for students to keep track of their work and show understanding in an online setting. Nice job!

  3. This is awesome! This makes me actually want to do the math (which is WILD since I really dislike math) because it is such a fun way to practice! So much cooler than a worksheet! Thanks for sharing!

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