Ms. Duncan’s Book of Classroom Management

Audience: Students in my class or their parents. I would intend to give this to the students and families in my class at the very beginning of the school year as an introduction to myself as a teacher, my teaching style, and our classroom guidelines.

Purpose of this Book: This book is intended to inform my students and their families of my classroom policies. It provides them with a clear and comprehensible idea of what my expectations are for students in my classroom. I might expand this in the future to also include my classroom syllabus for easy reference.

2 Replies to “Ms. Duncan’s Book of Classroom Management”

  1. Very thoughtful and well crafted. It takes loads of essential information for students & parents and puts it in an well-designed and attractive format. Relevant illustrations and clear layout. This would be a very useful “tool” for you as a teacher and would clearly establish norms and procedures.

    I also like that it “educates” students & parents in a supportive way. That can be essential for some parents who themselves may not have had a supportive school experience.

    A good example of how Book Creator can assist teachers to be more effective communicators.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!! This would be so valuable to both students and parents! So much more fun than a syllabus! This is such a great idea!

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