Class 1: What do you want to learn about edtech?

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First off we’ll explore our ED 424 goals and foundations.

For our intro we will explore the question “What do you want to learn about edtech?” We’ll split into four groups and each use a different means of collecting collaboration to gather input on the question – CogglePadlet, a shared Google doc, and an “old school” poster board. Later, each group will present their findings and we will discuss both responses and how the different tools helped or hindered our progress.

Next we will all get logged into our new WordPress account. Students will get a quick overview and be pointed to our YouTube playlist.


Task 1:  For your first blog post write a reflection on your use of edtech and where you hope to go with it. The post is due by midnight Sunday Jan 22. Read student responses here.

For specific prompts consider some of these (just some ideas starters, you don’t have to write about all of them):

  • What’s my current use of edtech tools in my placement?
  • How does the “tech landscape” of my current placement impact my use of edtech in the classroom?
  • How do the tech skills / demographics of my students impact my use of edtech in the classroom?
  • What are my personal uses of edtech tools to learn and network as an educator?
  • Where do I want to be in my use of edtech tools in 3 years?
  • What are you hoping for in this edtech pilot?

Task 2: Before our 1/26 class, comment on at least 3 student posts. It’s a conversation, not simply a “nice job.”

Student brainstorms completed in class – first 3 enlarge with click

Coggle Brainstorm 1

Coggle Brainstorm 2

Coggle Brainstorm 3

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