Working on Bubble Maps

Hi friends, today we’re going to be working on what’s called a bubble map!

A bubble map has one big circle in the middle with the words or picture of the main idea or topic you’ll be working on. From the big circle, there will be lines going outwards that connect to smaller circles. In the smaller circles there will be details about the main point.

On Jamboard, we’re going to work on our own bubble map with the animals that you all did for your science projects. I’ve included a picture of something you can use as an outline for your own bubble maps. In the big circle it says “Animal of your choice” where you can either write, draw, or print a picture of your animal. In the smaller circles, it says things like “diet? habitat? mammal? predators? etc” and these are the things you researched about your animals.

As a class we worked together on an animal, we chose the penguin.

*Now you can either show the next picture I’ve included or use it as a personal reference to guide you and your class through a bubble map on penguins.*

On each slide after this one, there is a blank bubble map that each of you need to fill out. Go to your number assigned page and start working on your assignment. Don’t forget to put your name on the top before you begin.

Bubbles Photo by Alberto Bianchini on Unsplash

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