Jamboard “Show me How You Feel”

Okay Kindergarteners! It’s been a BIG day full of BIG emotions and before we get started on our reading, I want to check in quickly to see how everyone is feeling!

I want you to put your thinking caps on and think REALLY hard about how you’re feeling right now. Check in with your body, check in with your mind, check in with what’s been happening today, and think of a way to show how you’re feeling.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Use your iPad to open up the link on our SeeSaw post: https://jamboard.google.com/d/1YIOSPZxEQ-ebaXZEkz8Cuj-bC6Dq_v7oVx35_07Xxqc/edit?usp=sharing and find a way to show how you’re feeling. You can type how you’re feeling on a sticky note, draw a picture with the marker tool, or choose a photo that shows how you’re feeling right this moment!

Once everyone has their image on the Jamboard, each friend is going to have a few seconds to share with the class if they want to and explain why they chose to show their feelings in that way.

Image by manfredsteger from Pixabay

2 Replies to “Jamboard “Show me How You Feel””

  1. Isabella, good use for Jamboard – giving students a chance to “show their feelings.” When you say “choose a photo,” I’m guessing you intend to supply a bank of photos. Good idea to have them use their creation to explain to peers why they chose that image. Might also be fun for students to “interpret” each other’s choices or even group them into “categories.”

  2. Hi Isabella! I love this idea for a jam board. It is such a cute way for students to really dig into how they are feeling and let their classmates know, too. I also think it is such a great idea to give them an opportunity to share why they are feeling this way and give them a chance to grow their speaking skills!

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