Starts with a Seed

Plant image by Daniel Öberg from Unsplash

Plant Life Cycle Moveable Activity

This lesson is for kindergarteners to investigate the plant life cycle. The goal of this lesson is for students to understand how a plant is a living thing and what characteristics make up their life cycle.

Stages of the Plant Life Cycle:

  1. Seed: Plant life cycle starts with a little seed.
  2. Germination: The process of the sprouting of a seed(s).
  3. Seedling: Young plant starts to grow towards the sunlight.
  4. Adult Plant: Adult or mature plants start to grow flowers or produce seeds in order to reproduce.

Google Drawing Activity:

Now that you have an understanding of the plant life cycle, here is an activity!

  1. Open up the google drawing provided using the link above.
  2. Drag and move the pictures of each stage to the correct corresponding stage title.
  3. Share your finished plant cycle with a partner!

2 Replies to “Starts with a Seed”

  1. Kaelyn! I loved your idea. Such a creative way to incorporate science into using Google Drawings. I also enjoyed seeing how you used Google Drawing as a tool to teach students what each stage looks like. Overall, I would 100% use this lesson in my own classroom. Thanks for the great lesson idea!

  2. Kaelyn, excellent activity. Very concise and informative. Keeps students focused on the task. It’s well illustrated with images and trims. Makes for an engaging lesson. Well done!

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