Thinglink: Flower Anatomy

Thinglink is a very cool tool that allows students to interact on a more personal way with their learning. With the ability for the teacher to input all information they they would like their students to learn, the research process for students is streamlined. This is a great way to present information in a new way with the ability to use virtual reality creating an exciting experience for students. I can see myself using this software to teach a variety of subjects, such as science like with this flower anatomy lesson, with geography and social studies to tour a setting, as well as for history. I really enjoyed creating and look forward to using it in the future.

Google’s Tour Creator is also another wonderful tool that I can see myself using in the classroom to give tours of cities. This can easily show students historical information as well as social aspects. The ability to connect it to VR devices is also an interesting way to bring it into a classroom and would be very exciting for students to use with their own creations.

Mouse over the image to interact with it!

Photo Credit: Tulip Cross Section by r reeves

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  1. I think this is a great use of this resource! It is really useful for labels and students can look at an interactive piece. This is really useful for many subjects and would be great for use in the classroom!

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