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The google tour could be useful if maps are needed for a lesson, but it is pretty time consuming to add different locations and scenes. It wouldn’t be useful outside of a social studies lesson and has a pretty specific use. While it is functional and easy to use, the practical application is relatively limited in the classroom.

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  1. Hi Caroline!
    I think you did an amazing job showing us a little piece of your home 🙂 It is so beautiful! I agree that I don’t see how this can be used outside a social studies lesson. It is very limited and I wanted to do something like this to show some tourist spots in Saipan, but there weren’t any pictures I could use. It is a fun thing to use to show students different ways they could present something, but it would be time consuming and hard to navigate (especially if they have never used it before). You would have to do a ton of scaffolding and I feel like you would be teaching them more on how to use the tool than them actually creating something.

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