Thinglink and Google Tour Creator are both super cool options for incorporating technology in the classroom. Whether teachers are using it as an interactive lesson or students are creating their own to demonstrate learning, both apps have awesome features.

One of my favorite things about Google Tour Creator is the option to view it with virtual reality on the Expeditions app. This way you can really see your projects come to life.

On the other hand, I personally found Thinglink more user-friendly, and it was easier for me to get the hang of it. Thinglink could be really practical in the classroom, and it would be a great option for differentiation. For example, if you have some really tech-savvy students in your class, this would be a wonderful option for assessment.

Below is a Thinglink that could be used for a lesson on habitats. I uploaded an image of an ocean habitat, (specifically a coral reef) and added tags where certain information matched the image. Some tags include animals, functions, and elements of coral reefs.

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  1. This is a great use of this technology! I love the idea of using it for a science lesson on habitats. It could also be used for other science lessons in any area. It’s good to hear it’s user friendly and I hope I will be able to incorporate it into my classroom!

  2. This project is a great use of Thinglink. I really liked how you linked to National Geographic’s website so that students are able to do further guided research into habitats and sea life. And I agree that Thinglink seems more user friendly. I would probably instruct students on how to use it and present my own Google Tours for the class.

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