My Trek Through EdTech

It has been a long semester full of learning, lesson plans, and growth. The following lesson plans are ones created with new technology tools in mind! You could find lessons for a variety of subjects showcasing different tools you may use!

This was my very first lesson plan made on EdTech! It features special imaging that allows you to slide over and compare two images and collage of other imaging. It features a great writing warm up to get students hands moving and brains working. It also features a discussion prompt as students share what they notice and wonder.
This lesson features a Google Jamboard for students to use as they compare and contrast two different Cinderella stories. This lesson is great for students’ to practice their analyzation of text.
This lesson plan uses Book Creator to help build classroom community! This SEL lesson brings social emotional learning and writing together as students create pages to celebrate their own and their classmate’s good qualities!
This was my most recent lesson plan built in this class. It features a Google Site that allows students to explore and quiz themselves on common polygons!

These different posts allow you too see my growth throughout the course as I become more familiar with the WordPress platform and a variety of lesssons to use with a third-grade class! If you’d like a look at more or similar lessons check out some of my other posts such as…

Featured Image by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash

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