Fill in the Fractions – Google Drawing

Grade: Third Grade


The goal of this lesson is, students will be able identify parts of a group as a fraction and students will be able to represent a fraction by coloring portions of a shape. This Google Drawing helps us meet this goal by presenting students with shapes and parts of a group that they will then manipulate to fit desired fractions.


3.NF.A.1 Understand a fraction 1/b as the quantity formed by 1 part when a whole is partitioned into b equal parts; understand a fraction a/b as the quantity formed by parts of size 1/b.

This guides students toward meeting this standard as they get the practice and visual representation of the fractions as a quantity and as of parts of a whole.

Student Instruction:

1.) Click the link for the Google Drawing.

2.) Make a copy and then share with your teacher.

3.) Fill in the appropriate amount of parts of each shape to fit the fraction to its right.

To fill in a shape click the desired part, then click the paint can that is spilling out. The paint can is pictured to the right. After you click that, choose a color of your liking.

4.) Check over your work, and then double check to see if your work is shared with your teacher.

Teacher Notes:

  • Some students may really struggle with the interface and with being able to share work with you. Be prepared for some work to be lost.
  • Things are easily manipulated and moved, certain parts may be lost. You can use this to your advantage with the shapes. Students may choose to delete parts to fit the fraction!

Google Drawing:

Featured Image: Photo by MagicPattern on Unsplash

7 Replies to “Fill in the Fractions – Google Drawing”

  1. Marissa,
    I love how you have laid out the information for this post. I like that you included teacher notes too! Sadly, I am unable to view the Google Drawing (probably due to a technical glitch), so I cannot comment on that.

    1. Hey Emma,

      Thank you! I have updated and now have the link added! That so weird that you couldn’t view the Google Drawing.

  2. Hi Marissa,
    A lot of my students struggle with fractions. This is a great activity to help them with their conceptual understanding of fractions. This activity is both engaging for the students as well as allows them to see what different fractions look like. I think this activity could also be easily adapted for many different grades. Understanding fractions is super important because we find them in so many different levels of math. Nice work!

  3. I love how visual this one is and how you are able to fill in the fractions it makes it so engaging for kids. I wish I had something like this when I was learning fractions!!

  4. First off, I like that it capitalizes on our natural love for coloring books. Also good that you warn users that they may accidentally delete a shape – but that’s another way to represent a fraction.

    Would 3rd graders be able to handle fraction shapes that had more than the denominator’s number of components. For example a shape with 10 boxes and they could use any 5 to represent 1/2? If so, might add another dimension.

  5. This seems like such a fun, engaging way for students to visualize fractions. Especially with remote, we have to be creative without our physical resources like tangrams and manipulatives, so this is a nice substitute.

  6. Marissa! I think this activity is a great way to use google draw! It is a great way for students to think about fractions in a visual sense, especially in remote learning environments.

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