Final Project: HP²

For our final project, we created a pollination lesson for first grade students. The lesson is part of a larger unit, with our presentation being lesson 3 of the unit, and focuses on different kinds of pollinators and their roles in pollination.

Students will work in groups to analyze a pollinator by using Thinglink to research in a group and share their research findings with the class by posting on Padlet.

Thinglink is a great tool for these kinds of projects because it allows content to be presented in multiple ways, and it can incorporate many types of media. In addition, Padlet enables students to record their research, share their findings, and explore other groups’ information, while also allowing the teacher to observe student learning.

2 Replies to “Final Project: HP²”

  1. Great post and presentation! I learned so much about pollinators, I had no idea this included lemurs. I loved your ThingLink, very engaging!!

  2. Very creative blend of technologies (and yes pen and paper is edtech). You effectively integrated QR code, ThingLink, pen/paper, our phone cameras and Padlet. The content was very informative and the drove the students to know more about pollinators. Excellent.

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