MyMaps Final Presentation

This is a Co-Post by Caroline Halvorson, Ysabelle Saguin, and Rylee Seekins

We presented to teachers about how to use MyMaps as a tool in different classrooms. The goal was to have a general understanding of how to use the tool as well as different ways it can be applied. The variety of uses can improve any lesson that incorporates maps, particularly in social studies. Geography and political climate can be studied using this tool as well as historical landmarks. This is an easy to utilize tool in a 3rd-5th grade classroom.

3 Replies to “MyMaps Final Presentation”

  1. Great Presentation and great post! I think this is a great way to get to know all of your students and what they like to do. Such cool features! Can’t wait to use this in the classroom!

  2. Presented as PD to fellow teachers on Google MyMaps. Good that you both summarized the “how to create” a MyMap and provided examples of how it could use used in a variety of lessons / student activities. Two city tours: PDX and DC. Liked the example of kids planning a trip in Washington State. A plus that you show how it could integrate with math ( create a budget).

  3. I really liked learning how to use MyMaps and I think that you had a great idea with this presentation. I could see this being used in a variety of ways in a 3rd-5th classroom. It’s nice that you mentioned the different subject areas it could be used and even combining several subjects. Great job!

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