Final Project: Genre Studies

By: Samantha Laughlin & Sabrina Pangelinan

For our final project, we created a lesson for 3rd grade students. This lesson is intended to be part of a larger unit on genre studies. This particular lesson focuses on the Folk Tale genre and explores the different types of tales, or sub-genres. Students work in groups to explore one type of Folk Tale. Each group is given a ThingLink with a variety of different resources to explore. Students will work within their groups to analyze the information provided within the ThingLink and then record their responses using Padlet. A link to Padlet has been provided to each student that has questions posted for each sub-genre. Students will record their responses in real time and will be able view each groups’ answers. This information will be gathered and used in a next lesson that explores the entire genre and involves group discussion.

Thinglink is a great tool for this project because it allows content to be presented to students in a variety of ways. In our ThingLinks, students are given multimodal access through pictures, videos and textual information. Padlet allows students to record their answers, share their information and view the other groups’ findings. This is an easy outlet for students to record their information and for the teacher to observe and respond in real time.

Explore your genre below and record your answers here:



Tall Tales

Fairy Tales


4 Replies to “Final Project: Genre Studies”

  1. Great post and presentation! Your presentation was very interactive and I learned a lot about legends. You picked great resource and websites!

  2. Engaging multimedia delivery on what is a “abstract” subject for younger student to master. The ThinkLinks look and function great. Fun to explore for info. A variety of content including videos.
    I especially like the way you decide to use Padlet with “post as question” and “comment feature as answer.” (I hadn’t thought of that use.) The padlet nicely organizes everyones work so that the learning can be “jigsawed” and students can learn from one another. Padlet’s built in “rating” tools could enhance that dynamic.

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation. You all portrayed the information in a very organized way, and it was cool to have your thing links right here on the post. I learned a lot more about the different genres in this presentation. Great job.

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