Final Project

By Lauren Alvarez and Audrey Muller

Our final project aims to help students practice their debate skills in the form of a meme. This lesson is designed for fourth grade students including a variety of research materials. Students will be able to form an opinion on the morality of zoos, create a visual defending this, and share it with the class. Before class, students will read, watch videos, and take notes about the pros and cons of zoos. They will take a stance on either side and find a partner in class. Pairs will create the meme together, using Adobe Spark, sharing it onto Padlet when finished. Adobe Spark allows for students to practice these skills in a non-conventional way. Debates do not have to be verbal, these memes can be just as moving as words. This website would be a great resource for accommodations so all students can demonstrate their learning. Padlet allows for the class to see everyone’s opinions on the zoo debate and see if more students are pro or against zoos. All the memes will be in one place and easily accessible. This lesson could be built upon resulting in a persuasive essay or research project.

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  1. We learn to create a Meme using Adobe Spark Post. I really liked the flow of this. The tech tools organize and enhance the learning experience. All instructions are detailed on Google slides. Starts by students picking their positions and partner. You made a nice demo video on how to use Adobe Spark post. (Cool that you added music) Then upload to Padlet – nicely arranged as pro/ con.

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