Draw Our Life!

by Madi Ohashi and Lauryn Nakashima

To make this Draw Our Life video, we used our iPhones to record a video of us drawing the images that we needed in order to make this video. We then got the video onto our computer and used Quicktime to record our audio. We put our audio and video together in iMovie to make this clip.

We thought it was very fun to do this assignment; however, it took a lot of planning in order to make this video. It also took a lot of time to make, because you needed to make sure each clip was perfect. Even though it was a little difficult and time consuming, we can see ourselves or our students using these applications to make videos for assignments or projects in the classroom.

7 Replies to “Draw Our Life!”

  1. This video is super cute! It would be a great way to introduce yourself to your future classrooms and could even be modified so that students could make their own. I really enjoyed this!

  2. This is a really fun way to show your students who you are. You could have students do this for many different projects. I could see my self using this for students creating a Darwin timeline.

  3. Hi Lauryn & Madi!
    I love your video! It was engaging and fun to watch, which can be a great tool for introducing almost anything you want to demonstrate in the classroom. Videos and drawings are a great way for students retain knowledge because they are mostly visual learners. I agree that there is a lot of planning and work that has to be done to do this, but nevertheless, very worth it! Great job!

  4. Aww this is so cute! I agree with the others that this would be a super fun way to introduce yourself in a classroom.

  5. So charming. Great story about you both and meetup in “rainy Portland.” But your illustrations are the best. Nicely executed in iMovie with speed up and clear narration.

  6. This is so cute! Students would love this! Such a fun video., love your creativity. Students could probably try this themselves too.

  7. Like everyone else has said this is such a great way to introduce yourself in a visual way! I love the music in the background and this would be a great way for students to tell their own stories. I wonder if it would be possible to film more directly on the board rather than from the corner?

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