I did a screen cast for landmarks, which is the topic I am doing for the final project. I opened up a few websites before I started doing the screencast which made it easier whilst I was doing it.

Audience and purpose – The audience for this screencast would be anyone who is interested about landmarks, what a landmark is and landmarks around the world. This could be beneficial for students as well when they are learning about landmarks in class. The purpose of this screencast would be to teach people about landmarks.

How could you integrate it into a lesson – We could use this screencast as an introduction for a lesson about landmarks. It could also be used in our final project about landmarks before students create their own MyMap.

3 Replies to “Screencast”

  1. This video would be an awesome introduction for students who are about to start the landmark project that you’ve got planned. It gives a good overview of what they’ll be studying and was very informational. Great job!

  2. Nice intro for students. Well-planned and narrated at an easy-to-follow pace. Takes advantage of all the illustrations of landmarks.

  3. Great video! This is a great way to get students excited about their upcoming content. Great visuals as well!

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