The screencast video I created is to introduce myself to my student’s families (parents/gardens) before the class year starts. This video would also be beneficial to send to parents whom may not be able to come to a parent-teacher night. Screen casting a picture slideshow like this would also be a good project for students to do to share about themselves that we could post on a classroom blog. If I was to actually use this video I would need to make sure I had subtitles in the languages of all of my families. Screen recording with quick time player is in theory an easy tool to use, however I had to redo the video quite a few times because of sound issues. Additionally, I would suggest going directly to youtube to upload the video rather than letting quick player upload it for you as it takes much more time that way.

Screen casting could also be very beneficial to present at a conference virtually as well as create cartoon videos where you draw out a concept and then voice over it to explain what you are drawing out. This would also be a fun way for students to show what they’ve learned about a concept as well.

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  1. I think this is a great way to introduce yourself to parents or students at the beginning of the new year! I also agree with you about the sound issues when recording the screencast. I had to record it 3-4 times until I could hear my voice over the background noises.

  2. Hedi,
    This is such a great use of technology. I love how you included personal pictures and experiences of your life and connected them to your teaching philosophy. I also like how you added in the description that you would add text for those who need it. That is a great accommodation.

  3. Wow! This was so interesting to watch! I really like how much time/creativity you put into this. I really enjoyed learning all about you! I think screencast would be very useful for a introduction to parents and projects. Great job Heidi!!

  4. Excellent idea and well executed. Leveraged multiple apps into a thoughtful story. Impressed by your torn-paper map.

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