Why I Deserve a Dog – Opinion Writing!

Grade: 4/5

Subject: Writing

Goal: The goal of this book is to give an example of how to write an opinion piece. I chose to write about why I think I deserve a dog in my family. By reading this, students can see a complete example of what opinion writing looks like and the format to follow. There is also a checklist in the book for students to use when they are writing their own opinion pieces.

Direct link: https://read.bookcreator.com/uR1T2RdQthdaF1OqtDbMaVITOnF3/_DQWa1qNTHWFpOPfViHXMA

One Reply to “Why I Deserve a Dog – Opinion Writing!”

  1. Kate, what a charming book. I got so lost in the story, I forgot it was a lesson on opinion writing. The narrative is quite dear. The voice is very relatable for kids. Not only does the writer sell the idea – but gives inspiration for students to do the same. First rate writing model and good example of using Book Creator

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