My Beautiful Butterfly Life

This book is meant for Kindergarteners who are learning the lifecycle of a butterfly. In the book, I hid an image of Daisy (the butterfly on the front cover) on every page. I think this will be a fun way to keep students engaged and looking at through the book. Click on the image above to get to the book.

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2 Replies to “My Beautiful Butterfly Life”

  1. Chloe, this is a clever book. Well written and beautifully illustrated. It’s nicely paced for young readers. The hidden butterfly is a fantastic idea that will cause students to look more closely for detail. Well done!

  2. Hi Chloe! This is such a cute book and I love the way that you hid Daisy, so even if the kids are not necessarily interested in the life cycle, they will have to see it all while they are looking for Daisy. This is so cute, good work!

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