What Our Animals Need

pictures of birds and deer and plants

Audience: Kindergarten Class

Purpose: Students will learn the four very important things animals need to stay alive!

Activity After Reading: Student can create 3-D projects by designing their own animal and including the four important things which is food, water, shelter, and air!

2 Replies to “What Our Animals Need”

  1. Kasidy, A charming book hosted by our guide “Jimmy.” I like the Q and A format. Along with Jimmy, it provides consistency and invites students to think in a parallel fashion about what these very different critters need to survive. Could easily ask the same about humans. Cute layout and well illustrated!

  2. Hey, Kasidy! Your book was really cute and I think students would really like it! I like how easy it would be to connect this book to an assignment after reading it like how you did with a post-activity. Great job 🙂

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