ABC Book Time

Alphabet Picture by Geralt on Pixabay

For this lesson, Kindergartens will use their knowledge about the alphabet book to make their own ABC book. This lesson will come after students have gone through the alphabet with each letter of the day’s lessons so they know the corresponding words for each page.

Students can choose their own words or use the example book for reference. Once picking their words students will look up stock photos, draw a picture, or take a picture of something around them that starts with the corresponding letter.

Then students can add to the book throughout the year as they learn new words. This allows students to apply their knowledge in a way that makes sense to them and the book can be a work in progress as a reference point throughout the year. This is also a fun way for students to learn how to use Book Creator for future projects throughout the year/in their future education.

Here is an example book that students can see. It also includes an alphabet video for students to watch.

2 Replies to “ABC Book Time”

  1. Marlee, a clever and engaging approach to ABCs. Great selection of images to illustrate. Consistent format helps students stay focused on content (rather than searching page for information). A great template for students to create their own books. Well done!

  2. Hi Marlee! This is such a cute book for learning ABCs, the book format makes it so fun and engaging. I also loved the video you put in here, it keeps students engaged and having fun! Great job!

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